Thing 15: Social Bookmarking with Delicious

A key feature of the bookmarking site, Delicious, is its social aspect.  Would it be Web 2.0 without interactivity?  Perhaps not.  Nonetheless, the ability to access and share the bookmarks of literally thousands of Internet users, with your same interests, provides you with a filter that few search engines can achieve.

I immediately found a need that this site could fulfill in my curriculum.  I teach a 4th grade unit on Web site evaluation in which students are given several different sites to evaluate.  Although I have saved these sites on my computer, I will feel much better knowing the this component of the lesson will be saved on Delicious under the tag, web_eval.  Apparently, I’m the first to use that tag.

So, I’m certain that uploading all of the bookmarks associated with my lesson plans will not only serve as secure off-site storage, but will also give me access to numerous sites that will relate to each lesson.  Once the sites related to my lessons are uploaded, students could be given my Delicious URL and click on the tag, web_eval, to conduct their Web site evaluations.

Delicious also solves a bookmarking conundrum for me.  As I have begun to use Firefox, I would like to make it my primary browser.  However, most of my bookmarks are associated with my Safari browser.  Once they are uploaded to Delicious, I will be able to easily access them while using Firefox.  That works!

One thought on “Thing 15: Social Bookmarking with Delicious”

  1. Thanks for describing how you plan to use Delicious in this way. I had a similar idea and now I can draw on your experience too. Seems like it is also a great way to model these organizational skills for students.

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