Thing 7b: Google Reader Redux

An interesting facet of reading blogs is the international aspect of the flow of information.  There are no physical boundaries.  As long as you understand the language of the blogger, you can exchange information.  (Although, I’m certain that there are translation tools that I have yet to hear about.)

One of the blogs which I initially added to my Google Reader has always provided me with a post which draws me in and compels me to read more. (My criteria for going beyond skimming.)  It is called Hey Jude and is written by Judy O’Connell, a library and Web 2.0 specialist from Sydney, Australia.

Of particular interest is her recent post concerning the Plastic Logic E-Reader.  Embedded in the blog is a video by the CEO of Plastic Logic as he introduces the reader.  It is a flexible, light weight, legal pad-sized electronic reader.  In the video it is promoted as a excellent tool for business professionals to store enormous quantities of printed material and presentations, but there will also be educational and entertainment uses, no doubt.

As a librarian, who loves books for the aesthetic qualities they incorporate into the communication of ideas, these new means of communicating information, such as the E-Reader and Amazon’s Kindle, give me pause.  But I pause for only a moment, knowing full well that electronic communication is here and here to stay.  It encompasses not only these devices for storing and presenting ideas, but all of the many digital interactions across the globe that define Web 2.0.

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  1. I am so glad that you are open to the changing landscape of information services provision! I think the future is particularly exciting with th emergence of more ‘flexible’ reading devices. Like you, I am passionate about books, libraries and reading, but I am also passionate about everything global, including information access!! Thanks for the mention!

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